Epic Bjornament Round 2 Results

Here it is folks, the round 2 RESULTS.
Check HERE for information, rules and HYPE trailer!
Check HERE for all the ROUND 1 entries in all their glory!
Check HERE for all the ROUND 2 entries in all their glory!

this is the pairing for round 3:

And for those brave fighters who lost, don’t you worry! There is still a fighting change to get back to the winning circle.
Behold the comeback bracket!

Here they will fight all their way back to their own final and eventually get a chance to join the winners in the finals for one epic comeback story!
So everyone in the losers bracket will do the same topic as the winners…they just got to rub shoulders with the dirty, bloody fallen warriors.


The new topis is: CREATURE OF THE SKY

Deadline was Sunday 1st of April @20:00 pm GMT. Final submission is to be posted on Discord under FINAL channel.

Here are the results of the hard work the artists have put in!


Match 01

Darnisart (top) VS Angrysausage WIN (bottom)

  • I like the layers in the distance for Darnisart, the background and forground tell an interesting story and distant fog is always luminous.
  • @darnis art, I really like your image, it reads nice as a thumbnail but when you enlarge the image it all falls short a bit. I would try to work on the edges and values a bit more to tie it together more. @AngrySausage, lovely brushwork and interesting narrative in this one. It reminds me of the start of The Last of Us
  • strong intimate moment and pleasing palette
  • Very touching moment that AngrySausage managed to capture.

Match 02

Tastybrush WIN (top) VS Vorsp (bottom)


  • I like the color palette of Vorsp, reminds me of dark souls.
  • @tastybrush is the winner for me, great composition pared with simple but effective brush work. @Vorsp, really nice painting, the knight and magic really delivers a punch but the awkwardness of the stance on the standing man makes you fall short a bit. Try using some greens or greys with the magic to help boost the contrast
  • great focus and well crafted light and hues
  • Beautiful scenery and graphic style of Tastybrush. I enjoy the story hints but a bit more emotion in the girls face would help to convey a stronger feeling.

Match 03

JoshuaGilbreath WIN (top) VS AumesRonoy (bottom)


  • @joshuaGilbreath, interesting painting with a simple yet strong composition. The image is a bit too simple when it comes to values, it’s too dark. I would investigate some paintings depicting night time from old masters. @AumesRonoy, you painting almost won but there is some issues with the sense of scale here. The dead man behind the women is too large if you look at the sand and the distance to the spaceship and boats. You aligned too many things horizontally instead using depth into your advantage (posing, placement of objects and so on)
  • I like sci-fi vibe of JoshuaGilbreath and dig the fog and volumetric death.
  • i really dig how wild and somewhat oldschool this feels.


Match 04

Fer (top) WIN VS Heliux (bottom)


  • I see a story developing in Fer, with the right finishing touches, could be an ominous declaration.
  • @Fer has a great base for a painting here where the placement and angle is really striking but I fear the light and colours are a bit too simple. It could definitely do with more complexity when it comes to modelling of the values and ligt/shadows. The two minks in the back are too simple and unfortunately the lower the quality of the painting @Heliux won this one, his painting had more complexity. The foreground characters melt together a bit too much and is breaking the illusion too much. It’s almost two paintings in one. Unify the painting more but layer it a bit more.
  • not really happy with the image ratio and composition but nonetheless there is a lot of cool stuff going on.
  • Heliux is doing something really brave and something that’s a beautiful moment of self sacrifice. I think there is room for technical improvement but the moment and story that he aimed for is both ambitious and a very strong emotional moment.

Match 05

NotEthan (top) VS BrunoRomanos WIN (bottom)


  • I like the black and white palette of BrunoRomanos, washed out, conceptual, post-apocalyptic.
  • @BrunoRomanos, nice focal points, reads really well in thumbnail size, could use a bit stronger sense of materials as most of it just feel the same
  • BrunoRomanos moment of complete loss of hope is very striking and a good moment of emotion to portray.


Match 06

DanielCotter WIN (top) VS Hefes (bottom) NOSHOW!



  • Great work DanielCotter, it’s like Maleficent had a sister.
  • the placement of the cup and shapes around the cleavage is very unfortunate and blends a bit too much. Great face but the anatomy in general needs a lot more work. Maybe place some pink in the metal of the kneeling knight to tie the two together


Match 07

Dertypaws (top) VS Sehf WIN (bottom)

  • I like the lighting and cinematic camera angle of this sci fi scene in Sehf.
  • @Dertypaws, very nice image with the march of the captured troll. I find your painting a bit too blotchy, it’s breaking the image up in a way that makes us jump around too much instead of flowing though it. I also miss a lot of local colours here, it’s important to have a clear visual hierarchy in your painting with values, hues and edges. @Sehf wins, nice painting and it reads well. I would work on the subtlety more, a lot of the shapes in this painting is a bit loose and not defined structurally enough.
  • like your use of colors and sense of panic in the light choice.
  • Sehf managed to capture the emotion of fear and horror well with his classic sci-fi moment. Great use of light!


Match 08

Seyyart WIN (top) VS Truna (bottom)


  • I like the “hellraiser” qualities of Seyyart, and not seeing their faces, makes it much more interesting.
  • @Seyyart, lovely image with a creepy mood to it. I find that this image is almost there when it comes to delivering the mood. Some parts are overworked, like the fingers in the back. The background is quite minimalist and I would work on the light a bit more, maybe add some greens into the blacks to simulate some ambient light in this dark space.
  • @Truna, lovely narrative here, like a lost rider getting attention of one ghost. Looks great but I would look into Jean-Léon Gérôme, his art might help you push a bit further.


Match 09

Kuru (top) VS WIN 1AmirLevi (bottom)



  • I like the epic nature of impending doom in 1AmirLevi.
  • @kuru, very interesting painting but the snowflakes ruins the impression unfortunately. It creates this unnecessary noise that is hard to see past. There is a lot of undefined areas and it’s hard to understand which part belongs to where. @1AmirLevi, striking colours and perspective. I find the buildings a bit missing in terms of complexity or details. I think you could of added a lot more information on there.
  • there is a great sense of wonder in this picture.
  • This was a close battle. I think in order for Kuru to take the round for me I needed a more convincing and emotional face of the main character. Both amazing pictures. Great job to the both of you! You can be proud of your self.


Match 10

Zayalin WIN (top) VS Andrea (bottom)


  • I like the storytelling in Andrea, it shows darkness vs innocence and might vs monsters.
  • @Zyalin, I really like this one, lovely story! It feels a bit too arranged though, slightly stiff perspective. The character has too much high contrast areas which are incorrect based on the little creatures light. I would also try to push the materials a bit more, as in separate them further @Andrea, great lower part of the painting, the top part feels rushed and sketchy with awkward hands.
  • very wild subject, got to like it.
  • Zyalin’s picture definitely contains a lot of emotion and leaves the viewer with a interesting story to connect what lead to this moment.


And now for the Gracerounds! The losers from Round 1 have a fighting chance to claw their way back to a semi-final place! Best of luck boys and girls!


Grace rounds Match 01

Teacan WIN (top) VS AVoodooBreakfast (bottom)

  • The color palette in Teacan is moody and calling at all the right strings.
  • @Avoodobreakfast, the red is really striking

Grace rounds Match 02

Kylebaer WIN (top) VS JulioDeCarvalho (bottom) NOSHOW!


  • The style of KyleBaer is very storybook/illustrator looking, and I think could be great for a series or incidental art panels.
  • very interesting picture, I love the narrative


Grace rounds Match 03

Deadmeat (top) VS JacobMobley WIN (bottom)


  • I love the story or lack-there-of in Deadmeat. It has an Arizona sunset and a post-apocalyptic menace to it.
  • @Deadmeat, very interesting vertical lines @Jacob Mobley, very nice, I like the paint + lines, really works well. I totally missed the fact that there are more of these creatures in the forground, might want to push that aspect a bit more.
  • Jacob Mobley killed it. Beautiful piece of loss of a loved one. Gorgeous piece.


Grace rounds Match 04

Rusty(k)unt (top) VS Atzgee WIN (bottom)


  • The art in Rusty(k) could be a great video game art style for a platformer, like Miyazaki meets Limbo.
  • surreal yet striking piece


Grace rounds Match 05

CrisTalleras WIN (top) VS Malevolentraven (bottom)


  • I love the monster faces and teeth, creative biology in CrisTalleras imagery.
  • @CrisTalleras, that is some crazy creatures, it’s a bit too hard to understand all of it.
  • I love how wild it is , yet somehow relatable


Grace rounds Match 06

Alluminium (top) VS Slumpen WIN (bottom)


  • The imagery in Aluminum is eye catching and peculiar.
  • @aluminium, your scale is slightly off in this illustration, it’s hard to understand the relationship between them. @Slumpen, great pencil work, reads really well!


Grace rounds Match 07

Anis WIN (top) VS Mar-Q (bottom)


  • The Anis image is beautiful, if this image was completely polished and finished, it could be one of my favorites. I love the ominous.
  • Anis! Great job! Great lighting and setup for mystery.


Grace rounds Match 08

Jiilla WIN (top) VS Ixie (bottom)


  • Jiilla made an interesting proposition on fear and characterism. I dig the conceptual abstractness.
  • simple but clear in its message
  • Jiila depicts a emotional moment stronger for me. It’s a picture about anxiety and the fear it is to be in it. Ixie seemed to be focused on technical execution but left very little emotion left to be felt in the piece imo.


Grace rounds Match 09

Deerbard WIN (top) VS DenisTheMenace (bottom) NOSHOW!



  • Good setup, what happens next?
  • fantastic composition, striking work


Grace rounds Match 10

Chillstrand (top) VS Purrmia WIN (bottom)



  • Purrmia has good contrast, draws me in.
  • @purrmia, this image works really well, I would of made the palette a bit more advanced by adding hue variations. There is always a tendency to stiffen an image up by staying too true to the original colour decisions in the creative process.



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