Unreal Bjornament gracerounds final spot

Hello all!

So here we are, last 14 people fighting for their opportunity to fight for a place in the final, an epic comeback story?

The topic was : Back from the dead!

So what is happening now you ask? Well the judges will lay down their thoughts and pick ONE who will join the finalists for one epic final!

Here are the finalists so far:
Joshua Gillbreath
1Amir Levi
Angry Sausage
Daniel Cotter

Here’s the comments from the judges:

-TastyBrush is back from the dead! The image is really well composed and lit wonderfully. Nice work!
-it was between Kuru and Tastybrush, I found that Kuru had some issues with the scale of parts within the image, values and a wide palette. The plants was a bit too forced into the composition as well so Tasty snatched it! shout out to Vorsp for a cool image
-Bruce Romanos: Nice and tense! Would like to see a better value scheme and final rendering however!
-Vorsp: Nice and creepy, interesting magic/gore – would like to see some areas more rendered, greater emphasis on a focal point or two.
-Jacob Mobley: Love your work and I’m all for recycling/reuse/remixing but this could be blended a bit better, feels disjointed.
-Deerbard: Nice style and the male moonlight figure is strong. Not sure I understand the narrative and the female portrait seems to be missing a large portion of the back of her head!
-Zyalin: Freaky narrative and imagery. Would like to see a more cohesive and accurate anatomy, maybe more form/head to torso connection on the “victim”.
-TastyBrush: Winner is you! Fantastic composition, rendering, flow, concept and humor.
-Kuru: Nice characters and rendering; composition and posing doesn’t feel as epic as I’d want for something as epic as what’s happening!
-Aumes Ronoy: Got that heavy metal album feel down for sure! The pose has me a bit confused, feels like she’s falling over? Also feel’s a bit “flyswatted” flat, might be better to have an overall flow or directional pose. Background skull is a bit hard to read.
-Fer: Nice lighting scheme! Not sure I’m getting “Back from the dead” from the subjects however. I’d like to see a better value scheme for readability for the mask(?) especially.
-Atzgee: Kudos for traditional medium and the forlorn mood! Compositionally I might try and stage your elements/subjects closer together to have less deadspace. Think bookcovers!
-Purrmia: Nice character and expression! Would have been good to see some of the undead army with the same intensity, as if there were an extension of her emotion.

Bruno Romanos


Jacob Mobley



Darnisart (NO SHOW)


Seyyart (NO SHOW)


Anis (NO SHOW)


Tasty Brush


Aumes Ronoy





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