Unreal Bjornament ROUND 1

Here it is folks, the round 1 final entries. Check here for information, rules and HYPE trailer 😀
What a journey, we have had a lot of drama in this round already! Some had to withdraw, someone not knowing the deadline, uphill struggles and good ol’ sneaky-ninja style. It was a blast following the progress on Discord and seeing the wips being posted.
Just to remind everyone, this was the pairing for round 1:

Now it’s down to the judges to cast their votes and the reveal of the new pairings and winners are announced on Sunday 25th of February @20:00 pm GMT.
It will be announced live on www.twitch.tv/bjornhurri and on this site simultaneously.

Fight 1:
Jacob Mobley VS Dertypaws








Fight 2:
Malevolent Raven VS Aumes Ronoy








Fight 3:
1Amir Levi VS Slumpen






Fight 4:
Angrysausage VS Deerbard

































Fight 5:
King Soferman VS Zyalin








Fight 6:
Hefes VS Aluminium








Fight 7:
Denis The Menace VS Seyyart







































Fight 8:
Bruno Romanos VS Mar-Q








Fight 9:
DanielCotter VS Teacan




































Fight 10:
Vorsp VS Ixie







































































Fight 11:
Darnisart VS AVoodooBreakfast






































Fight 12:
Sehf VS Deadmeat








Fight 13:
JoshuaGilbreath VS Chillstrand








Fight 14:
Julio De Carvalho VS Andrea








Fight 15:
RustyKun(t) VS Kuru








Fight 16:
Holonoia VS Truna







































Fight 17:
Ethan VS Anis




































Fight 18:
Eric Weathers VS Ichorus



Fight 19:
Purrmia VS Fer




































Fight 20:
Jiilla VS Tastybrush








Fight 21:
Atzgee VS Heliux







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