Unreal Bjornament Round 2 ENTRIES

Here it is folks, the round 2 ENTRIES.
Check HERE for information, rules and HYPE trailer!
Check HERE for all the ROUND 1 entries in all their glory!

this is the pairing for round 2:

And for those brave fighters who lost, don’t you worry! There is still a fighting change to get back to the winning circle.
Behold the loser bracket!

Here they will fight all their way back to their own final and eventually get a chance to join the winners in the semifinal for one epic comeback story!
So everyone in the losers bracket will do the same topic as the winners…they just got to rub shoulders with the dirty, bloody fallen warriors.

So here you are, sitting infront of your computer with your newly sharpened battle axe in hand and strafing your gaze across the room. “Who will be the next victim and under what conditions is my victory” you might wonder. I thought I’d switch it up this round and use a song as a mood setter/topic.

This is the extremely kind person who donated one of his songs for this competition. Boys and girls, I present to you…
Justin Lassen! A respected Composer. Remixer. Sound Designer. Visionary. With 20+ years of experience in the music, film, tech and video game industries. Currently working as an award winning spatial audio designer for VR/AR/MR projects. He has lent his production talents to high profile firms like iZotope, Cakewalk, Intel, DTS, Sony, Disney, Konami, Skybound, Hasbro, Lakeshore, Interplay, Department of Defense and many more.”

Topic: EMOTIONS (to be interpreted to your liking/benefit/point of view. Remember to lean on your strengths):
“Walking A Brightly Lit Darker Path. Maybe a cinematic slow moving camera over tragic action or devastating heart break, at the point where you just let the house of cards fall into a pile of debris. Also a shade of hope as usual. It’s a taste of things to come.” -song description from the composer



Deadline was Sunday 11th of March @20:00 pm GMT. Final submission is to be posted on Discord under FINAL channel.
It will be announced live on www.twitch.tv/bjornhurri and on this site simultaneously.


Here are the results of the hard work the artists have put in!


Match 01

Darnisart (top) VS Angrysausage (bottom)


Match 02

Tastybrush (top) VS Vorsp (bottom)



Match 03

JoshuaGilbreath (top) VS AumesRonoy (bottom)



Match 04

Fer (top) VS Heliux (bottom)



Match 05

NotEthan (top) VS BrunoRomanos (bottom)



Match 06

DanielCotter (top) VS Hefes (bottom) NOSHOW!




Match 07

Dertypaws (top) VS Sehf (bottom)


Match 08

Seyyart (top) VS Truna (bottom)



Match 09

Kuru (top) VS 1AmirLevi (bottom)




Match 10

Zayalin (top) VS Andrea (bottom)



And now for the Gracerounds! The losers from Round 1 have a fighting chance to claw their way back to a semi-final place! Best of luck boys and girls!


Grace rounds Match 01

Teacan (top) VS AVoodooBreakfast (bottom)


Grace rounds Match 02

Kylebaer (top) VS JulioDeCarvalho (bottom) NOSHOW!



Grace rounds Match 03

Deadmeat (top) VS JacobMobley (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 04

Rusty(k)unt (top) VS Atzgee (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 05

CrisTalleras (top) VS Malevolentraven (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 06

Alluminium (top) VS Slumpen (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 07

Anis (top) VS Mar-Q (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 08

Jiilla (top) VS Ixie (bottom)



Grace rounds Match 09

Deerbard (top) VS DenisTheMenace (bottom) NOSHOW!



Grace rounds Match 10

Chillstrand (top) VS Purrmia (bottom)


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