Unreal Bjornament Round 2

Here it is folks, the round 1 RESULTS.
Check HERE for information, rules and HYPE trailer!
Check HERE for all the ROUND 1 entries in all their glory!

The judges have done their job and have voted on which one is the winner. Congratulations to all the winners!
this is the pairing for round 2:

And for those brave fighters who lost, don’t you worry! There is still a fighting change to get back to the winning circle.
Behold the loser bracket!

Here they will fight all their way back to their own final and eventually get a chance to join the winners in the semifinal for one epic comeback story!
So everyone in the losers bracket will do the same topic as the winners…they just got to rub shoulders with the dirty, bloody fallen warriors.

But it’s not just any day in the hinter-land, we got a new undead who is fighting and crawling his way to life..KYLEBEAR!
This fantastic zombiefaced-ghoul-creeper tried to take the place of someone who had to withdraw but it wouldn’t been a fair fight but check it out! He did a ninja on the competition!











So here you are, sitting infront of your computer with your newly sharpened battle axe in hand and strafing your gaze across the room. “Who will be the next victim and under what conditions is my victory” you might wonder. I thought I’d switch it up this round and use a song as a mood setter/topic.

This is the extremely kind person who donated one of his songs for this competition. Boys and girls, I present to you…
Justin Lassen! A respected Composer. Remixer. Sound Designer. Visionary. With 20+ years of experience in the music, film, tech and video game industries. Currently working as an award winning spatial audio designer for VR/AR/MR projects. He has lent his production talents to high profile firms like iZotope, Cakewalk, Intel, DTS, Sony, Disney, Konami, Skybound, Hasbro, Lakeshore, Interplay, Department of Defense and many more.”

Topic: EMOTIONS (to be interpreted to your liking/benefit/point of view. Remember to lean on your strengths):
“Walking A Brightly Lit Darker Path.  Maybe a cinematic slow moving camera over tragic action or devastating heart break, at the point where you just let the house of cards fall into a pile of debris. Also a shade of hope as usual. It’s a taste of things to come.” -song description from the composer



Deadline is Sunday 11th of March @20:00 pm GMT. Final submission is to be posted on Discord under FINAL channel.
It will be announced live on www.twitch.tv/bjornhurri and on this site simultaneously.


Fight 1:
Jacob Mobley VS Dertypaws








– @Jacob: Try to think your composition in abstract masses and organize it in simple, defined shapes. Try to play with flat contrast between this shapes before introducing in value gradients.

– In Jacobs picture I see this huge psychedelic music God that is pointing his finger at me, teasing me or dragging me onto the dance floor and the symbol in the middle of a music note actually adds sound to the scene for me. Things that you can improve Jacob is definitely focal point. Understanding where your viewer needs to look first. I would recommend putting more emphasis and contrast on the eyes of the background creature. Good job on taking a interesting spin of the arrival of the one including the viewer into the scene by making him the one who is arriving

– It is very close for a split decision but I chose Dertypaws. Jacobs painting is a bit too undefined and soft in it’s edge control while Dertypaws painting has an interesting idea but has some stiffness to it

– While I appreciate elements of both images i will, Dertypaws interpreted the topic in a more clear immediate fashion. Pleasing analogous color palette. Derty, i wish your composition was less cut in half, to support better the action.



Fight 2:
Malevolent Raven VS Aumes Ronoy








– @Aumes: Be careful with how you lead the eye with value contrast. You want to use the higher contrast near the center of interest. Think abstract masses and avoid using wide gradients that destroy your smaller shapes.

– @Aumes won due to the interesting story being crafted. It reads quite well but the characters are rigid and lit the same regardless of location or rotation @Malevolent Raven, Interesting painting but the lack of finesse in the edge work and details tipped the scale in Aumes favour.

– I like your idea and setting Malevolent Raven, Aumes probably has done a better job in terms of finish and render. But i felt to prefer the content to the form in your duel. Good work both nonetheless, keep that up.



Fight 3:
1Amir Levi VS Slumpen









– Difficult match, love them both. @Slumpen: Don’t forget to look at your image in very small to check if your values still help in reading the composition. @Amir: Love the clean and simple composition. Avoid leading the eye toward the corner though. You can blur an edge to de-emphasis it or use an overlapping element (myst?) to prevent the eye from falling out of the frame bottom left. Try to avoir regular placement of same elements (ie for your characters: try 3 = 2+1 instead of just 3).

– Honestly picking one here was really hard. Both have really compelling stories and sell the stories reading well. The thing that made me pick one from the other was based on craft. One Note to Lev – you can improve your composition by moving the castle down. Right now it’s in same height as the giant and its starting to take away some of the dominance and power from the giant. Moving the giant up and lowering the castle would be a tweak to make it feel more powerful.

– both are really interesting, both have good compositions Win goes to @1Amir due the sense of scale and mood. There is some lack in follow-through in edges and light, especially by just silhouetting the characters and trebuche on the bridge. @Slumpen nice image and interesting interpretation of the theme. I feel the image got cut in two pieces too much by only having that strong light on the head. You also skirted the composition with objects too much, it’s ok if they intersect with the border.

– Hard call for me on this one, liked both approaches. I had to go with Amir in the end for the extra boldness with colors and composition. Kudos to Slumpen for doing it traditionally!



Fight 4:
Angrysausage VS Deerbard











-@Angry: Nice composition. Try to distribute high contrast areas by order of importance in the read. @Deerbard: Try looking at your image in very small to check if the values make sense and support the composition.

-This one was a hard one. Both the illustrations is really well executed and does the job of telling the story of the arrival of the one well. Since both pictures are well executed I went for originality. The treatment of the dream-like scene that Deerbard has painted gave me shivers down my spine when I saw the monster crawling down from the tree. This picture is very much an invitation to somebody’s dream/nightmare and the danger lurking in the shadows of the one. Both contestants have done a very well job and this judgement was hard to do. I do feel that the story of a spaceship crashing and it’s passenger looking on a map just wasn’t enough to beat the almost philosophical message that Deerbard were able to communicate with his image. Again since both these pictures are very well done, it came down to judging it based on message and treatment for me.

-@angry wins, nice sense of mood and textures @Deerbard, you almost won but the woman in the foreground was too unfinished to warrant that much space in the composition.





Fight 5:
King Soferman VS Zyalin








-@King: Your composition is a bit messy. Try to think about edges and masses as a path for the eye to follow. You want to lead the eye with secondary elements toward the main center of interest. @Zyalin: Don’t hesitate to organize your values so a human shape read as a human shape. Shape welding (when you weld to shapes by a common value) is a good thing in composition, but you still want your subject to read.

-@kinfsoferman, this image has potential but it’s too undefined to be understood. You might want to rethink the lighting or driving edges to help with the narrative. @Zyalin, you won due to the interesting character but your use of values are a bit too harsh, it’s all quite high-contrast and all edges are equally harsh. Variation is the key here

-Zyalin made me giggle with his hero, not entirely sold on the opponents shadow position and overall arrangement of the elements in the frame.





Fight 6:
Hefes VS Aluminium











-@Hefes: Your composition is too strongly tied to the frame (vertical shapes connecting top and bottom sides, hands tangent to the left and right sides). You want the viewer to forget about the frame. Your shapes read well though. @Aluminium: Interesting dynamic of edges and distribution of shapes, but you should simplify your values. Try to have less than 10 big simple abstract shapes when you look at your image in very small.

-@aluminium was the strongest of the two, Hefes had vivid colours but yours had more engaging composition and control over the light @hefes, yours fell a bit short when it came to lighting conditions and how it’s interacting with the world/character

-Good work both, i went with Aluminiums submission for the added dynamic element to his composition. Check your anatomy in perspective thought, keep it up!



Fight 7:
Denis The Menace VS Seyyart












-@Denis: Try to paint with light and colors, careful shape design can come later. @Seyyart: Careful with your local contrast (the contrast at the object level), if too strong, the shape doesn’t “turn” (we loose the illusion of 3D dimensional space). Better to keep the rendering simple (or for later) and focus on composition.

-@seyyart wins

-overall more interesting interpretation. Denis work while promising feel unfinished.



Fight 8:
Bruno Romanos VS Mar-Q







-@bruno: nice composition. Don’t overuse of vignette and big gradients, it destroy the underneath shapes. Look at your image in very small to double check your values. @Mar-Q: Your composition send the viewer out of the frame (eye direction, gun direction, top tangent at the guy’s head). You want to keep the viewer’s attention inside the frame.

-@Brunoromanos won, nice mood and engaging image. You might want to play with slightly more intentional lighting situation to help punch the narrative further, it’s all quite balanced now @Mar-Q, good mood but it has too many unfinished areas




Fight 9:
DanielCotter VS Teacan











-@Daniel: Beautiful composition. The top gradient of light unbalance the composition though. Suggest light direction with light and shadow and avoid attracting the viewer attention too close from the frame.

-@danielcotter nice mood and interesting design




Fight 10:
Vorsp VS Ixie












-@Vorsp: Nice composition and color scheme. Be careful with tangents between your shapes and the picture frame (top right). Avoid repeating the same abstract pattern (same size, same distance between mushrooms bottom right). @Ixie: Try to think of your main subject as a fulcrum around which you balance values and shapes to keep the viewer’s eye circulating from one point to another. Here you strongly lead toward the top of the frame and it’s difficult to stay inside the image.

-@vorsp won, interesting palette but the image has too much black in it and it staggers the impact of what this image could deliver. Could benefit by treating the darker areas more unified rather than just to black @ixie, very close call, very interesting composition but the reason you fell short was due to not strong enough shapes on the character and chain. It’s important to work on shapes as well as light.




Fight 11:
Darnisart VS AVoodooBreakfast











-@Darnisart: Your composition is too symmetrical in space and values. Keeping things simple is very important, but you want that simplicity to feel organic and not predictable. Try to break the symmetry in space with values, the underneath drawing alone is not enough. Also, you want to balance a strong contrast with some mid-values to create more interest. @Avoodoo: Nice comp. Careful with myst/cloud/fog brushes, when the result is too textured it start to feel very cheesy.

-@avoodoobreakfast won, I am a fan of creepy images. I think you’d benefit from doing more studies of environment and focus on the planes and volumes. @darnisart, you almost won but the edges are a bit too messy for my taste, especially on the background. The character has a lot of interesting things happening to it.

-I liked how Darnisart used the vertical composition to his advantage and brough a good sense of depth into his image.




Fight 12:
Sehf VS Deadmeat








-@Sehf: Your composition is too complicated and lack some clean, abstract value-map that split the image in just a few big shapes. @Deadmeat: Nice simple composition. Try to balance the strong dynamic of your long straight diagonal edges with some medium shapes of a slightly different value to slow down the read and keep the eye around your subject.

-@Sehf won with very small margins. Nice execution of shapes and direction through the image. @deadmeat, very nice image, I like the split in the image but your character is posed a bit too awkward. The samurais back is too straight. You could of also used the opportunity to indicate stronger direction of the rubble by treating each face more according to the light source.

-fresh style and setting made me vote towards Sehfs work. i miss a little bit a more complex color scheme in Deadmeats work – clear composition nonetheless



Fight 13:
JoshuaGilbreath VS Chillstrand







-@joshua: Your main character doesn’t read at all, try to get his silhouette, or a part of it, a bit more obvious. At the moment your focal points are the demon and the window. Also be careful with DAZ characters as they have many anatomical and deformations mistakes that give a very cheesy look unless you fix them by hand. @Chillstrand: It looks like you’ve been caught into rendering before establishing a good abstract value-map and at a small size it’s impossible to understand what your image is about.

-@joshua won by an inch. Interesting angle and design but overuse of blur in the background. The edges are too blurred and there is a struggle of where to land @Chillstrand. You almost won but observing it zoomed out makes it really hard to understand what is happening. It’s very important to have both details and overall read being well measured.

-Chillstrand would improve his image by a great margin if the light would highlight better the action and elements, now it feels a little hard to read.




Fight 14:
Julio De Carvalho VS Andrea







-@Both: You should focus more on your abstract composition (a few readable shapes) rather than rendering too early. A good image must be good at 150px.

-@andrea won, stronger execution and control of hues @Julio De Carvalho, your painting is a bit too monochromatic for my taste, not enough variation and eventhough it reads well from a far, it unfortunately doesn’t hold up to closer inspection.

-While both image are striking in the thumbnail only Andreas work hold up when bringing it up to full scale. good job both nonetheless



Fight 15:
RustyKun(t) VS Kuru







-@Kuru: keep in mind that small intricate shapes with high value contrast will act as visual magnets and center of interest as small size. You want to use them either for your main subject or as a path way toward your center of interest. Here the giant almost disappear when I squint, creating a composition empty at the center.

-@kuru won, fun story and interesting use of clouds. Characters on the peripheral could use more work when it comes to shape and posture.

-Great depth and palette by Kuru, love the setting and acting a well, bravo. Kudos also to Rusty even though the BG could have needed a little more help.



Fight 16:
Holonoia VS Truna













Fight 17:
Ethan VS Anis












-@Anis: In a sunset condition, don’t overplay your light to shadow contrast ratio, it’s much less pronounced than what you have. Careful with your underneath 3D base, the result looks very stiff.

-loved the style Ethan and composition. Anis whent so out there with his subject, so i had to pay him final tribute with my vote.




Fight 18:
Eric Weathers VS Ichorus





Fight 19:
Purrmia VS Fer











-@Purrmia: You should do a couple back lit photography studies to see how exposure and light bloom work, here it looks too unrealistic and the bloom give a cheesy result. @Fer: You should focus on an abstract composition (distribution of shapes, edges and values) before rendering.



Fight 20:
Jiilla VS Tastybrush








-@Jiilla: Your image doesn’t read at all at thumbnail size.

-Well done Tasty, great shapeslanguage and composition.




Fight 21:
Atzgee VS Heliux











-@Atzgee: Use values to help the viewer to understand what and where to look. The guy could wear a darker close that would help to read the character in the flammes. @Heliux: Don’t fear the border of the frame! It looks like you struggled to avoid a collision with the left side of the frame, which makes the composition unbalanced. Don’t hesitate to re-crop.

-I think Heliux went for the Topic in a more accurate fashion, despite having some issues with the composition . I think the narrative focal points in the distance are way to low into the frame to work nicely. Cool depth and vista

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